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An ethical business advisory firm.

Hello!* Our over 1,200 subscribers and clients think we are one of the most innovative thought leadership and advisory firms in Uganda.

Sharing our over 30 years’ experience including from Uganda, the Bahamas and the UK as well as from a “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” means we can quickly help you solve the challenges of doing business in Uganda – today and in the future.

Where should you invest?

In this easy to understand video, Inachee principal, D Wasake provides helpful answers to help you start understanding how a business is an investment, just like shares or funds.

What internet marketing strategy should a Ugandan business follow?

Find out how we can help your business before it gets disrupted by technology.

Watch a presentation from one of our principals to a large Ugandan – UK diaspora convention in London.

*Oliyotya. Agandi. Kodheyo. Kop-Ango. Yoga. Habari. Mulembe. Muraho.

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Which is the best sector for investment in Uganda?

We share our views/ideas on over 20 sectors (including for Small business (SMEs) and Ugandan diaspora)

Looking for business research for different sectors?

Inachee databank gives you all you need Рfree and premium information .

What business opportunities does COVID-19 present?

Read the May 2020 analysis: COVID-19 business opportunities.