The Best Sectors

The Best Sectors

Which is the best sector for investment in Uganda?

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Why this analysis?

These innovative series (regularly updated) give ideas for doing business in Uganda.

They particularly help Start Ups, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) as well as investors (including diaspora) seeking to venture into new sectors in Uganda.

They provide case studies of our over view of the issues facing the sector as well as our analysis of the revenue, start up costs and profit for selected sectors. They also include our “advanced thinking” tips on success in that venture.

About us.

We are an ethical business advisory firm. Our thought leadership team using it’s combined 30 years’ experience including from Uganda, the Bahamas and the UK is keen to help businesses in Uganda succeed through “advanced thinking”. Find out more about us.

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Information for multinationals and large size entities/investors

Whilst the series are written with a Ugandan Small and Medium Size Entity (SME) in mind, owing to our over 30 years’ experience including with large scale enterprises in different countries, we have sufficient understanding of the Uganda macro economic environment and the different sectors to provide information and analysis to assist large scale entities seeking to operate in Uganda. This includes our understanding of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) including its compendium of business ideas as well as the investment incentive regime in Uganda. For these needs, please contact our leadership team.


(Click on each of the sector links below to read the detailed analysis and articles.)**On the basis of Return on Investment as determined from the sector analysis page.

Rank Sector/Business Return on Total start up Date of article
Investment In years and % capital (UGX) (and amendments)
1 Forestry 0.21(annualised*) years, 476.19% 22,027,750 01/01/2012
2 Mushrooms 0.23 years, 434.78% 4,420,00 09/10/2012
3 Agriculture(fruits and vegetables) 0.26 years, 384.62% 13,538,374 03/03/2012
4 Restaurant (fast food) 0.34 years, 294.12% 45,108,000 06/07/2014
5 Tree nursery 0.38 years, 263.16% 7,770,950 22/03/2015
6 Property Management 0.6 years, 166.67% 35,149,155 26/01/2012
7 Cryptocurrency 0.6 years, 149% 36,683,390 20/02/2021
8 Pharmacy 0.875 years, 114.29% 43,328,920 05/01/2014
9 Cosmetics manufacture 1.11 years, 90.09% 39,337,072 25/08/2014
10 Poultry farming 1.14 years, 87.72% 28,342,419 30/10/2011
(amended 3 November 2011)
11 Video games 1.324 years, 75.53% 19,250,000 03-May-14
12 Maize growing 1.405 years, 71.17% 34,188,000 08-Jan-13
13 Stock exchange(stocks and bonds) 1.65 years, 60.61% 18,931,650 14/03/2012
14 Online classifieds portal 1.67 years, 59.88% 19,894,750 16/11/2011
15 VOIP business(with Internet cafe) 1.71 years, 58.48% 20,383,275 15/10/2011
16 Money lending 2.46 years, 40.65% 45,432,420 08/08/2013
17 Forex Trading 2.48 years, 40.32% 28,000,000 15/10/2011
18 Piggery 2.89 years, 34.6% 7,738,248 07/05/2012
19 Coffee shop 3.10 years, 32.26% 81,065,820 20/10/2013
20 DJ/Mobile Disco 3.69 years, 27.10% 23,911,020 15/10/2011
21 Dairy farming 4.18 years, 23.92% 44,273,900 14/06/2013
22 Transport logistics 4.49 years, 22.27% 101,684,000 22/11/2015
23 Sorghum 6.10 years, 16.39% 121,357,096 10/09/2016
24 Dance Group 6.26 years, 15.97% 13,457,910 05/12/2011
25 Internet/Cyber cafe 7.01 years, 14.27% 16,048,000 15/10/2011
26 Taxi business 11.54 years, 8.67% 17,000,000 07/11/2011
27 Cassava growing 35 years, 2.86% 16,220,500 06/07/2019

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