About Us

Inachee (In-a-chee-) is an ethical thought leadership firm that provides financial services and advisory to clients in Uganda and the Sub Saharan Africa region. Inachee is based on the concept that if we apply best practice learnt from the best companies in the world to support Ugandan businesses they shall be able to advance in their thinking. At Inachee we are keen on supporting Ugandan Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through providing consulting/advisory and financial services (including accountancy related support) at inception, growth and maturity stage including:

  • Industry focused research reports and feasibility studies;
  • Business plan reviews and Business idea generation;
  • Due diligence; and
  • Accounting/bookkeeping and internal audit/control reviews.

About this databank

This research databank offers our over 1,200 subscribers a treasure chest of information including, Investment sector analysis, Sources of finance, Business templates and documentation, Thought leadership articles, and Business listings and directory.

It also ushers in a new service i.e. "Subscribe Now" that offers flat rates, auto renewal, cost savings on Bronze, Silver and Gold packages that are now available for purchase on the data bank. With these packages you are able to access them in Digital, Print or both whichever you prefer. To learn more about this new service see more here

Sharing our over 30 years' experience including from Uganda, the Bahamas and the UK as well as from a "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year" means we can quickly help you solve the challenges of doing business in Uganda – today and in the future. Because we are passionate about research and data, we would like to introduce to you our latest premium product, the Inachee Data bank!

What's contained in the databank catalogue?

The Inachee databank catalogue (regularly updated) contains the different kinds of information you can find on the databank as categorised by type. The databank contains "easy to use" information such as:

  • Investment sector analysis (over 20 sectors analysed);
  • Sources of finance (over 50 sources of finance);
  • Templates to use (accounting, marketing, IT); and
  • A free book (on business success in Uganda).

Quality control

As part of our strict quality control procedures, we typically have a "6 eyes principle". This means that any document on this databank is typically reviewed by 3 persons – the original preparer, a supervisor or other specialist/expert and by a quality reviewer who typically is the Principal.

Opportinity to partner with us

Banks, audit/consultancy firms, private equity firms, investment clubs, entrepreneurs and various others can find this databank critical for their needs. Find out more here


Our team has a combined more than 30 years experience in different sectors and therefore we understand the issues you are likely to face. The leadership team is supported by a diverse team including accountants, researchers, marketing personnel and IT staff. You can read about our leadership team profiles.

What makes us different?

As part of our relentless focus to develop the entrepreneurial environment in Uganda, we write the "Investing in Uganda- Naked Eye Series". These series on a regular basis analyze what it takes to start a business in different sector in Uganda. Key information provided includes; PROS and CONS, Startup Capital budget, Profitability and Return on Capital (ROI) analysis.

In addition the "advanced thinking" newsletter (FREE) exclusively shares with our subscribers thought leadership articles on a variety of subjects geared at running a successful entity.

Our sister website: www.inachee.biz provides our clients with FREE information on alternative sources of finance as well as our "1 minute management tips"

Why are our prices subsidised ?

The price of our content here is often perceived to be significantly cheaper than what would be expected given our experience. This is not because what we offer is of inferior quality. No rather it's because of our overall objective. We want entrepreneurs in Uganda and Sub Saharan Africa to succeed at all costs - even if it means we offer our knowledge (including from global best practices) at subsidised prices and in many cases for free.

This willingness to share is what will drive our revolution. We believe that you should therefore have the confidence to buy the subsidised information, knowing that we have not compromised on quality. To see our leadership team's experience, click here.

How to pay

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Some articles are FREE and others are premium. To start off your journey in this treasure chest, please register or Login if you have an account.To find out more about the work Inachee does, visit: www.inachee.com