About Us

About Us



How can we really help your organisation succeed?

We think of your business success in two stages:

Stage 1: Measures to prevent business failure. According to studies, 50% of typical Ugandan businesses fail. In otherwords, 1 in 2 Ugandan businesses typically fails within 3 years. Find out more about these studies and our views on helping. 

Stage 2: Put in place strategies to enable long term success.  After getting the basics right, we then prefer to work with you on a long term relationship basis to put in place strategies (we call them "advanced thinking") that will actually help you grow, expand and deal with business, including during challenging periods.

What do our core values mean for you?

We are passionate about seeing Ugandan businesses' succeed ethically. It is what drives us. To do so, we have a few core values.

#1: Thought leadership.Thought leadership means this: “A firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and rewarded.” To be thought leaders, we constantly research (and search) for the latest trends and best practice about doing business – as applicable in Uganda. We share these concepts in our newsletter.

#2:Ethical Values. Words like "honest", "trustworthy" "Professional" "Holding valuable information confidentially" is how we want to be described as, and how we should act. You can therefore expect to be treated with respect, dignity and honesty, whatever your business size. You will for example expect to get personal service from the leadership team working with the rest of the team. You can likewise expect that we value your confidentiality and go to great lengths to protect it.

#3:A willingness to help. We are passionate about seeing businesses in Uganda succeed, and so we for example provide FREE initial business plan reviews as well as provide FREE information on sources of  finance for business. This means that you can very quickly and easily start and succeed in business, and can get the best support (after all, "the best things in life are free").

Who we work with

We work with (and want to work with) clients who share and/or appreciate our core values and the work we are doing to help businesses in Uganda achieve success -including for a global level.

Many of our hundreds of clients and subscribers are in diverse sectors including agriculture, technology, property & real estate, retail and various services.

Operating from Kampala and London (and expanding) some of our work includes:

  • Business strategy
  • Business plans
  • Business research/Feasibility studies
  • Regular bookeeping/management accounts and internal control reviews.

We work (and have worked) with a diverse set of clients in many countries all around the world, including the very important group of Ugandans in diaspora ("Summers" or "Nkuba Kyeyo" as they are fondly referred to).

These clients range from the start up entrepreneur who needs assistance in drawing up plans to the larger companies, some of them multinationals looking to develop advanced or innovative strategies to drive their expansion or other strategies in Uganda and beyond.

We also work with a number of NGOs who are not purely driven by profit but are looking to change the world (starting in Uganda).

To see what some of our clients say about our work, please see the testimonials.

How are we different?

In addition to our thought leadership mindset, we differ from our peers in a number of ways:

FREE regular tips via an e-newsletter. Does our newsletter, which mind you is free really make a difference for our hundreds of subscribers? Judge for yourself – read the amazing stories and testimonials from our newsletter subscribers.

FREE analysis of the various sectors for Investment. Often times entrepreneurs or investors seek to go into new business ventures or sectors and they usually need information (e.g on the market) to help make the decision making process easier.

We make this process easier at the start. Using our research team (that carries out both field and desk research) we regularly write (FREE) the "investing in Uganda, naked eye series". Inspired by the BBC car show, "Top Gear", we then rank each sector against others starting from the "no.1 sector."

FREE information on sources of finance. It is difficult to access financing in Uganda, let alone know where to find the right type of finance for your business. We try to make this process easier. On our sister website: www.inachee.biz we regularly profile (FREE) a number of alternative sources of finance like venture capital, private equity and grants. In addition we provide our tips for success with that financier. As part of providing that information, we often speak to some of these financiers (the ones who are nice enough to reply anyway).

We regularly update this website with new information and share it with our subscribers. Click here to subscribe.

Diverse team. We celebrate diversity in Uganda (and can greet in many languages!). Our core director team has diverse experience and includes:

  • A Chartered Accountant (FCCA);
  • An entrepreneur who has won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” award; and
  • A Sales/Marketing professional.

The core director led team is supported by an equally diverse number of staff including researchers, qualified accountants, marketing professionals and associate partners (IT, Legal, Human Resources and Auditors).

A diverse team is very important not only so that we can share diverse experience but because quality control is very key to delivering successful outcomes to clients.

So yes, our team laughs and speaks to clients over a cup of tea but we take professionalism and quality very serious and hope you too value it.

How do we control quality (and other frequently asked questions)?

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

So what does Inachee mean anyway?

We were inspired by a chinese concept, an "O Level" physics term and a certain local language. Why not ask us over a cup of coffee or a phone call while we discuss how we might help you?


The fine print

"Inachee" is a brand name belonging to Inachee Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales. No. 08117725. In Uganda, "Inachee" is used under permission, by Inachee Uganda Limited.

Inachee Uganda Limited is a part of the Inachee Limited Group.

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