All angles covered

The best part of the research was that you were able to cover all angles of the necessary information that enabled me to have a clear picture of what I was up against, leaving me with no questions. I now know how to set the price for my product.

Grace Khaukha, Feasibility study into export of Sun Flower oil, April 2013


As we have been considering establishing a business in Uganda to support existing ministries, your consulting work has been excellent. I very much appreciate the thoroughness of your reports, and most importantly you and your team’s eager willingness to respond to my follow-up inquiries. Being that I am not from Uganda, your expert assistance has made a tremendous difference in our feasibility studies and comprehensive analysis. Due in now small part to your team’s work and effort, it does appear that we can proceed to the next step of finalizing the business planning. I am very confident that you and your team will play a role in that endeavor. Warm Regards, and many thanks.

Mark Graham, Washington USA, assessment for large scale animal processing, May 2013

Priceless & educative articles

Greetings Inachee. Thank you for the mighty work.I am an aspiring entrepreneur and wish to venture into farming,real estate,transport among others.

My main reason of writing to you is to thank you for I am educated by your articles. There’s no price I would pay for these services.My current problem is that I can’t get RSS feeds from your site but I can always check in and read. I’m sure I need a lot of help from you including plan writing,business advice and so on.I’ll contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough for this.

Nsubuga David, Doha Qatar, January 2013.

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Case Studies

Example 1: How we helped a telecom company increase prices without losing customers

The problem

An emerging VOIP telecommunications company was having some difficulties.They were pioneers in their industry. Sales had been growing every year by an average of 25% and their

overhead costs were fairly fixed. Nevertheless they continued to be making losses and were considering leaving the industry. What was the problem?

The solution

As a result of our analysis, the company’s main problem is that for its main destination, the margins were really low and the prices did not fully reflect dollar to shilling forex effects particularly as their main cost was purchased in USD. Following our recommendations they increased the price of calls to this destination but in return, offered loyal customers to this destination a discount to call other destinations where the company had a higher profit margin.Their worry that customers for this destination would leave owing to higher prices was not as significant as they thought.

Read the rest of the success story here.

September 2011

Next steps: To find out how we can help you analyse your costs and pricing, please email: dwasake@inachee.com

Example 2: How a Shs. 350m emerging poultry hatchery benefited from our internal control review

The problem

A client invested over shs 350m ($106,000) in a modern poultry hatchery. They needed to understand how they were performing after 1 year in business- they needed accounts as well as a

review of their internal control systems.The principal shareholders is a Ugandan in diaspora.

The solution

Working with them, after preparing their financial information, we were able to successfully help them significantly improve their bookkeeping and internal controls. We for example noted that in some instances while actual sales were closer to Shs.32M they had recorded only 4m!

We also worked successfully with them to develop a model for valuing their parent stock(birds) so as to reflect these in the accounts.

Our internal control review also pointed out a number of weaknesses in their systems such as concerns about the safety of their parent stock birds and weak controls over their various fixed assets.

Phase 2 of our work with them is expected to include regular business support (including accounting support/internal control review) as well as developing a business plan for their expansion into commercial poultry.

March 2012

Next steps: To find out how we can develop an internal control framework for you, please email: dwasake@inachee.com

Example 3: How a magazine distributor of over 400 titles turned to us to enhance their strategy

Our client helps their customers who include major corporations, supermarkets and other retail outlets to receive his over 400 publication titles. They are primarily operating in Uganda and Kenya but needed advice on the nature of internal controls to support their expansion model/plans first in Uganda and Kenya

but further afield into Tanzania, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. We recommended to them an appropriate expansion model (which they are now utilising) as well as provided them with model internal control systems that would fit with their expansion strategy.

Phase 2 of our successful work with them has commenced and includes monitoring as well as regular business support.

February 2012

Next steps: To speak to us about how we can work with you to refine your business strategy, please email: dwasake@inachee.com