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Why inachee databank?

Inachee (In-a-chee-) is an ethical thought leadership firm that provides financial services and advisory to clients in Uganda and the Sub Saharan Africa region.

Inachee is based on the concept that if we apply best practice learnt from the best organisations in the world to support Sub Saharan businesses they shall be able to advance in their thinking - and succeed.

This research databank contains a treasure chest of information including:

  1. Sources of finance for business
  2. Advanced tips to help entrepreneurs whether starting out, growing/consolidating or looking to turnaround failing businesses.
  3. Thought leadership articles on diverse topics such as marketing/selling, internet strategy, change management, HR and accounting.
  4. Financial models (revenue, sales, profit, ROI) for starting out in different business sectors.

Some articles are FREE and others are premium.

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  • Sector/Business: Newsletter Articles
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    File name Offering free services to grow sales.pdf Cost:free download
    Description An article on how to grow sales
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    Sector/Business: Business Templates &Documentation
    Uploaded 22 hours ago
    File name Technology that will govern tomorrow.pdf Cost:free download
    Description An article on technology trends that will govern tomorrow
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    If you are reviewing this databank for ideas for investment, then you will also want to see our innovative series (regularly updated) which give ideas for doing business in Uganda.

    They particularly help Start Ups, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) as well as investors (including diaspora) seeking to venture into new sectors in Uganda

    They provide case studies of our over view of the issues facing the sector as well as our analysis of the revenue, start up costs and profit for selected sectors. They also include our "advanced thinking" tips on success in that venture.

    While written for SMEs, they can be scaled up for Large entities and Multinationals owing to our leadership team's (insert link to team page) 30 year's experience.

    See the best sector ranking here



    "I am really impressed with it[the business plan] and very optimistic that i will surely get funds to finance (the mechanisation) of my farming activities as proposed in the document."

    Francis Olupot, Director, Dicanio Mixed Farm, the 2nd largest farm of its type in Eastern Uganda, February 2013


    I've been reading up on [your] poultry farming article and I tell you, it is brilliant stuff!

    For dogs' years now, I've been preaching (mostly to myself) the gospel of farming but the single biggest challenge I've faced is how to marry my "brilliant" ideas with solid number crunching.You have just done it for me, so thank you!

    Two weeks ago, I was talking to my future brother-in-law himself a chicken George and he had all these insights on chicken farming that got me interested in it and now I find that you have gone and done all the homework for me. Truly good stuff."
    Emmanuel Senkwale, Aspiring farmer, November 2011.


    As we have been considering establishing a business in Uganda to support existing ministries, your consulting work has been excellent. I very much appreciate the thoroughness of your reports, and most importantly you and your team’s eager willingness to respond to my follow-up inquiries. Being that I am not from Uganda, your expert assistance has made a tremendous difference in our feasibility studies and comprehensive analysis. Due in now small part to your team’s work and effort, it does appear that we can proceed to the next step of finalizing the business planning. I am very confident that you and your team will play a role in that endeavor. Warm Regards, and many thanks.

    Mark Graham, Washington USA, assessment for large scale animal processing, May 2013

    Priceless & educative articles

    Greetings Inachee. Thank you for the mighty work.I am an aspiring entrepreneur and wish to venture into farming,real estate,transport among others.

    My main reason of writing to you is to thank you for I am educated by your articles. There’s no price I would pay for these services.My current problem is that I can’t get RSS feeds from your site but I can always check in and read. I’m sure I need a lot of help from you including plan writing,business advice and so on.I’ll contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough for this.

    Nsubuga David, Doha Qatar, January 2013.

    Read more testimonials here


    Thought leadership

    D E Wasake,FCCA(team leader)

    Tel: +256 (0) 414-599-433


    I am a chartered accountant (FCCA) with audit, tax, accounting and advisory experience. For over 10 years I have worked with a diverse set of clients in Uganda, The Bahamas and the United Kingdom. click here to see my CV


    Doreen K. Mwesigye (team leader)

    Tel: +256 (0) 414-599-433


    I am a successful entrepreneur, who has won the woman entrepreneur of the year award.For over 12 years I have been keen on helping Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda to succeed. click here to see my CV

    Non Executive Director

    Dr. Joseph Walusimbi

    Tel: +256 (0) 414-599-433


    I am a multiskilled sales and marketing professional with diverse experience in both the service and consumer goods industry. click here to see my CV

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